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We use the expression "pre-law" as a convenient way to describe all training, studies, and experience which precede formal law study. It should not be understood as implying that such work is a mere preparation for the study of law. The success and effectiveness of your legal training depend greatly upon the breadth and depth of your background and experience! The student who plans to enter law school would be wise, therefore, to take traditional and demanding academic courses.

Prelaw AdvisingThe pre-law advisors in the Office of Undergraduate Education counsel students interested in preparing for admission to law school. A library of law school catalogs and resource materials are available, as are statistics about applications and acceptances to law school. Pre-law advising is available during the fall and spring semesters, and you can click here to schedule an appointment. We also invite you to look through our Application Checklist area for an overview of the steps you need to follow when applying for law school. Finally, please browse our resources section, which includes links to sites that include a wealth of information, as you explore a future in the law.