Dean's Certification Letter

Some schools require a Dean’s Certification or Dean’s Letter as part of the application process.  If you are a Rutgers student in need a Dean’s Certification or Dean’s Letter, please review the following list for the appropriate person to contact: 

  • For School of Arts and Sciences students, please click here
  • For School of of Environmental and Biological Sciences students, please contact Associate Dean for Academic Programs, Robert M. Hills, at 732-932-3000, ext. 512.
  • For School of Engineering students, please contact either Associate Dean for Academic Affairs, Fred R. Bernath, or Assistant Dean for Academic Affairs, Lydia Q. Prendergast, at 732-445-2212.
  • If you are a student in ANY other School in New Brunswick, and are seeking a law school Dean's Recommendation or Certification, please contact the Office of Undergraduate Education at 848-932-4001.